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Terra Madre – Back to the Roots – Greetings from Sicilia Canta!

The Racalmutese club is excited to be partnering with Vivi Racalmuto’s Terra Madre – Back to the Roots project which may be of interest to you. They are particularly proud to play an important part in this international initiative, taking the show to Racalmuto, Sicily where Joe Baiardo and Sam Cino will host the 1st ever, Sicilia Canta Canada Back to Our Roots event on July 6th, 2023 as part of the grand festival of events to take place in the summer.

The letter below is from the organizers of events celebrating the culture of Sicily in general and the town of Racalmuto specifically.  They welcome you to join a group of locals, including a Sicilia Canta entourage, who will travel to Sicily this summer for a festival and a number of traditional events. More information on this can be found here as well as through a video link found in the letter below:


For more information locally please contact Sam Cino at samcino444@gmail.com or Joe Baiardo at josbaiardo@rogers.ca

Letter from Vivi Racalmuto – Terra Madre Project:

Hi everyone,

We write this email to share and inform you about our wonderful project “Terra Madre – Back to the Roots” created with our Association, “Vivi Racalmuto” that will align neatly with the annual Maria SS. del Monte Festival.

The traditional celebration to our beloved Patron and Protector, Maria SS del Monte, will take place the second weekend of July; however, this year we will have two weeks of Festa and celebration that combine tradition, culture, religion, arts, history and much more. Over the years, our festival has not been restricted to local celebration, as there are Racalmutesi communities around the world that follow our festivities from afar, and many who visit Racalmuto for this annual tradition. 

During the last couple of years, we have worked rigorously to build on the success of past initiatives that link and strengthen the relationship between Racalmuto, Hamilton and the many other communities of Racalmutesi scattered around the world. 

The Association, “Vivi Racalmuto”, with the support of the local administration, and in collaboration with many other associations, clubs, and amazing people from Hamilton that believed and supported us, aims to continue and to grow the relationship, the connection, and collaboration that already exists between the towns of Racalmuto and Hamilton and with the many communities that are also alive and thriving in other places around the world such as Belgium, Germany, England, South America and so on. 

Of the many international Racalmutesi communities around the world, the most numerous reside in Hamilton. The Sicilian community of Hamilton has demonstrated a strong and lasting bond to our motherland (Terra Madre), with a deep love and attachment to their roots and traditions of our shared heritage. The deepened connection between our communities has resulted in many beautiful events and collaborative projects throughout our twin-city relationship spanning over three decades. Some of the key objectives of the Terra Madre project are: to strengthen our global relationships and our communal love for the motherland, and to protect and support our history, culture and unique traditions so they may be experienced by future generations.

Through the Terra Madre project, “Vivi Racalmuto” has planned many moments of celebration and joy for the local community and for those who have emigrated but still keep Racalmuto in their hearts and minds.

These events will occur during Maria SS del Monte Festival period in July 2023 and include the presentation and unveiling of the new “Ciliu of the Emigrants” and the first “International Festival of the Racalmutesi Emigrant”. During these two new events, we will recognize and celebrate the vital importance that the different communities of Racalmutesi around the world have to our shared values, traditions and love of our land of origin; a commonality that will continue to be shared and enjoyed by future generations. 

More details of these and other events, such as those noted below, will be communicated in the coming months: 

1) Wednesday July 5, 2023: Inauguration and Public Presentation of the New “Ciliu of the Emigrants.”

This event will take place late afternoon and into the evening; the exact time and location to be announced. 

2) Thursday July 6, 2023: The First International Gathering and Festival of the Emigrant Racalmutesi – “Back to the Roots” featuring a special musical event hosted by Joe Baiardo and Sam Cino of Sicilia Canta Canada, uniting special guests and artists from Canada and Sicilia through an evening of entertainment and other surprises. (other activities and events will take place during the entire day. Actual times, locations and more details to be announced). 

3) Friday to Sunday, July 7, 8, and 9, 2023: Sbamba’ la Festa, -Three days of traditional celebration honouring our beloved Maria SS del Monte.  An agenda and official calendar of events to be announced soon. 

4) Monday, July 10 to Sunday July 16, 2023: An Entire Week of special events linked to the Celebration of Maria SS del Monte and Local Traditions, such as the traditional yearly concert in the square, the parade of Sicilian Carretti and horses, art shows, cultural events,
entertainment, etc…

While we have reported some of events and dates in this email, we also attach a general and tentative calendar of events with links where you can find more details about the projects, the Festa, the donation collection and about our Vivi Racalmuto Association. 

For those visiting or staying in Racalmuto or the vicinity, we can organize half-day or full-day guided visits between the 5th and the 10th of July to various tourist and cultural sites, such as the historical centre of Racalmuto and surroundings places of interest or the nearby Unesco site, “Valley of the Temples of Agrigento”.  Also, during the week of July 10th to the 16th, we can organize day trips to visit the city of Palermo, Cefalu, Taormina and Catania. All these visits will be led by a professional tour guide and, if requested, a tour guide that speaks both Italian and English can also be made available.

Information requests related to any of the events noted in this email, for support needed in organizing your visit in Racalmuto, or for any questions related to the Association, donations or the planned tours, please email:


You may write to us in English, Italian, or Siciliano, and we will be happy and pleased to help you.  Please also follow us on Facebook, through our page, “Vivi Racalmuto” for more information. 

At  the following link you find a short video about the project and the new Ciliu:  https://fb.watch/iG3YThhBi7/ 

We look forward to welcoming you in Racalmuto.

Ciao a tutti,

The “Vivi Racalmuto” Team

For more information locally please contact Sam Cino at samcino444@gmail.com or Joe Baiardo at josbaiardo@rogers.ca

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