The Venetian Club was formed in 1947 in the basement of a house.  The first members wanted a place for the new northern Italian immigrants to go and make friends with others who had also emigrated to this great country.  In the early 1950’s they purchased the present building. 

When Festitalia was formed, we were asked to participate.  We started with having a booth at different parks in September and when they started to do the regional food dinners we participated right from the beginning.  We thought it was a great idea to teach the non-Italians about our food and culture.  We always serve spezzatino (stew), grilled polenta and for dessert we serve Crostoli which are always a great hit.

We invite you to bring a little bit of our region to your home by baking our famous Crostoli.   Here’s the recipe.  Enjoy. Take a picture and share on Festitalia Instagram and/or Facebook.



Melt butter and milk in a pot, when warm remove from heat. In a separate bowl beat eggs with sugar, add the rind of the orange and lemon, the rum and brandy mixture, the orange juice salt and milk and butter mixture.  Beat until blended with an electric mixer.  Add the flour a little at a time until it becomes to thick to beat with a mixer.

Take the mixture and put it on a floured board mixing in the remainder of the flour.  Make sure that the dough is hard enough to roll.  Take a portion of the dough and roll it out on the thickest setting of the pasta machine.  Do this a couple of time and then keep changing the setting until you get to the finest setting without tearing the dough. 

After you have all your dough rolled out, cut into strips. When you are almost ready to fry have a large frying pan ready with canola oil.  At least an inch deep.  When oil is hot enough start adding the strips of dough.  Usually by the time you fill the pan the first ones are ready to be turned.  When they are golden remove them onto paper towels to remove excess oil, and sprinkle with fruit sugar.  We usually use an aluminum roasting pan covered in paper towels    

Venetian Crostoli

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