Abruzzese Federation

“Abruzzo Forte e Gentile”

The Federation promotes the Abruzzese culture, unites Abruzzesi clubs and associations and facilitates relations with the Abruzzo Region. It is a member of the Confederazione Abruzzese of Canada and CRAM Abruzzo (Consiglio Regionale Abruzzesi nel Mondo). Each year we award scholarships to post-secondary students of Abruzzese descent and Premio Abruzzo to an individual with Abruzzese roots in recognition of their accomplishments. Annual events include a fundraiser, Celebrating the Family dinner, Abruzzo in Festa dinner dance, summer picnic, Festitalia Regional Dinner and a Christmas concert. Our choir performs Abruzzese folkloristic music. We publish a newsletter twice-yearly and have a Facebook page and website.

Abruzzese cuisine specialties include spaghetti alla chitarra, made by rolling out egg dough over thin wires stretched on a wooden frame like a guitar; lamb dishes such asarrosticini d’agnello and agnello cacio e ova; porchetta; fish soup; pizzelle and mostaccioli along with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine and Centerba.

Our website is www.abruzzohamilton.org 

Premio Abruzzo Award

The Premio Abruzzo is awarded annually to a person with proven Abruzzese roots who has demonstrated credentials similar to the following:

  • Recognized as a leader in a particular field(s) of endeavour
  • Received recognition for accomplishment by peers and people in a particular field
  • Received or will receive district or provincial or national or international recognition
  • Volunteerism within the Abruzzese community will be considered an asset
  • Volunteerism within the greater community will be considered an asset



Justice Frank Iacobuci          2020

Peter Mercanti                      2019

Cavaliere Franco Silvestri    2018

Joseph S. Mancinelli             2017

Gaetano Monaco                  2016

Fern Viola                             2015

Dr. John Corsini                    2014


Coro Della Federazione Abruzzese singing Maratte

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