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Welcome to the Music portion of our virtual tour. Music has always been a key aspect of the Italian culture and traditions and we hope that our carefully selected compilations will be palatable to your refined Italian musical taste.

We recognize how our love and appreciation for music can vary depending on our moods and/or time frame we are feeling at the moment. For that reason we did our best to craft a list of songs related to those different needs.

The historical compilations from the 60s all the way to our days are a list of songs that all reached the number 1 position of the Italian music charts in those specific time frames. Listening to each and every song will mean to be listening to what used to be the most listened song in Italy in that given year and we hope it’ll be a memorable blast from the past.

Festitalia & MusicaToronto

MusicaToronto has hand-selected 3 new tracks for the Festitalia x MusicaToronto Spotify playlist “Today’s Italy”. Read on to discover more about the tracks and the artists behind them:

Televisione — TROPICO, Mahmood
What do the Sanremo-winning song “Due Vite” & summer anthem “ITALODISCO” have in common? They’re both penned by Davide Petrella a.k.a. TROPICO (Naples, 1985). TROPICO’s second studio album ‘Chiamami Quando La Magia Finisce’ opens with the song “Televisione” featuring Mahmood. Find your escape with this chill pop track that tells the end of a love story. Beautiful lyrics and two voices that harmonize perfectly.

Grandine — Federica Abbate, Alessandra Amoroso
After years of writing hit songs for other Italian artists (Elodie, Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti), singer-songwriter Federica Abbate (Milan, 1991) has released her first studio album ‘Canzoni per gli altri’. The uptempo ballad “Grandine” features Alessandra Amoroso and touches on letting go of the desire to be perfect — because it’s often at our messiest times that life gives us opportunities to grow.

Romantico Noir — NAPOLEONE
“Romantico Noir” is the latest release by NAPOLEONE (Capaccio Paestum, 1992). On theme with our other selections, Davide Napoleone is also an Italian songwriter. His Napoletano funk — reminiscent of Pino Daniele and Alan Sorrenti, is sung in the Napoletano language. Rest assured, you don’t have to be from Naples to feel the emotion (and dramatics) of the song’s painstakingly heartbroken lover. This one will have you grooving!

We hope you take a moment to listen and join the community @musicatoronto on Instagram. Buon ascolto!


Today's Italy


Today's Italy


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