Festitalia is volunteer driven organization whose mandate is to develop and promote, in the City of Hamilton, a festival of significant impact and in appropriate timing that will serve as a unifying force and will have as its purpose, the sharing and promotion of Italian culture and heritage with the community at large.  

Festitalia will feature Italian Culture and Canadian involvement which contributes to the economic development of the Region through the involvement of volunteers, co-operation and collaboration with other community groups and leveraging direct links to Italy.  

Philosophical Statement

  1. Festitalia celebrates its heritage which refers to the past.   However, culture is equally important and is synonymous with time both past, present and future.
  2. The involvement of volunteers is critical and central to the Festitalia success. 
  3. For Festitalia developing and creating are indistinguishable, with a goal to foster promotion and marketing cooperation with others that aligns with Festitalia program priorities. 
  4. For Festitalia, key audiences encompass those of Italian Canadian background, which refers to the involvement of persons of Italian birth and Italian Canadian birth.  However, all other ethnic communities, who have an interest to enhance Festitalia experiences are encouraged to participate.
  5. For Festitalia, the community-at-large is as important to the success of the festival as its Italian community participants.
  6. Festitalia will proactively engage with collaborators that will contribute to the on-going development of programs and activities to fulfill its mandate.  Festitalia values its partnerships/supporters and ensures mutual cooperation to attain a successful Festitalia program that resonates and engages people in the Hamilton community.

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