Emilia-Romagna Flood Support

Let us support Emilia-Romagna residents via St. Anthony of Padua Fundraising Efforts

As you we have been seeing on the news recently, six months worth of rainfall in just 36 hours and has devastated Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, leaving nearly 36,000 people unhoused and at least 14 people dead. The disaster affected 100 cities. One of Italy’s more wealthy regions, Emilia-Romagna is home to cities such as Parma, Bologna, and Ravenna. Making matters worse, the flooding has caused landslides as the historic rainfall erodes mountains. 

Researchers have linked recent unprecedented floods in Italy to accelerating climate change.  Roads have disappeared so connection to neighbours, family and commerce exchange  is challenged in this region.  The Italian government has started cleanup efforts; however, the loss is enormous to many in the region.


Rescuers, who have been joined by thousands of volunteers, many of them young people who travelled from across Italy, are working relentlessly to clean mud and debris from the streets, or bring food and clothing to people living in shelters and isolated areas.

On the Bologna-Ravenna railway line, the town of Faenza, with a population of 60,000, is the last stop. Further along, the water-saturated ground has sunk in various spots under the tracks.

Faenza itself has paid a heavy price for this climate disaster. The residents will long remember the night of May 16. “The four rivers surrounding the town came rushing down the mountain with equal fury,” said the mayor of the city, Massimo Isola, still shaken by the violence of the phenomenon. “The amount of water that fell in 36 hours had never been recorded by rainfall calculation tools.”

St. Anthony of Padua, under Father Francesco Cucchi’s direction, is spearheading fundraising initiatives to support the Faenza community, the hardest hit area of region.   Father Cucchi  has reached out to the Diocesi Faenza to offer assistance and prayers from our Hamilton community.    Donations raised will be directed to the Diocesi Faenze who will apply to the greatest area(s) of need.

To participate in events that St.Anthony of Padua has organized in June please link to their website  www. https://www.stanthonyofpaduahamilton.org/

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