Siciliana Canta

Sicilia Canta Presents: Virtually The Best of Sicilia Canta…… This covideo presentation is the 8th annual Sicilia Canta, highlighting the best of the first 7 years of this Sicilian cultural celebration in Hamilton, Ontario.

Presented by Co-chairs, Peppe (Joe) Baiardo and Toto (Sam) Cino… this documentary style video highlights the origin of Sicilia Canta; a feature film documentary about Sicilian folk legend, Rosa Balistreri, complemented with a musical performance by the Sicilian Jazz Project. The film also features the highlights of each annual celebration, with great performances by Charly Chiarelli (introducing Sicilian Blues), Rita Chiarelli (paying tribute to her Sicilian roots), the Hamilton Sicilian Folklore Group (making an incredible return from a 20 year hiatus) and the Sicilian recording duo, Calandra and Calandra. 

This documentary also features local initiatives rooted in Sicilian culture, such as the world’s first satellite communication uniting two communities from Hamilton and Racalmuto, the unveiling of the Leonardo Sciascia statue (Sciascia Project) and the journey of Hamilton’s own Carretto Siciliano (Carretto Project) from Racalmuto, Sicily.

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